Friday, November 18, 2011

Does anyone know how I can get crepe paper to be firmer?

I'm making flower pedals out of crepe paper and wanted to know how I can get them to be a bit firmer...I was thinking of spraying them with spray starch.....any idea's?

Does anyone know how I can get crepe paper to be firmer?
paint them with MODGE PODGE it dries clear and makes the paper hard.
Reply:Use sugar water.
Reply:This was a very popular craft in the 60's(flower children). The way it is done, is to dip the flowers in melted wax.Suspend the dipped petals upside down to drip off the excess wax,scrape off the excess and continue on to assemble your flowers. WORKS.
Reply:I'd look for a bit heavier paper. Or make your flowered from paper mache and paint them.

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Reply:PVA glue? Varnish? Soap?
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Reply:Try weightlifting

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How it looks -Does your toilet paper had teddy bears ?

Ok sounds like an stupid question !...but realize we have at our markets toilet paper with teddy bears ,flowers name it ! -------------and we buy it!

How it looks -Does your toilet paper had teddy bears ?
did you know when a bear shhiittz in the woods they use paper with people on it?
Reply:I don't know about you but I happen to like having a behind that smells like fresh cut daisy's
Reply:I just always buy the plain white, but I do insist it be double-ply.
Reply:I wonder -How do muslims feel about that?-teddy mohammad?
Reply:No, mine is regular! xp

Would it be the done thing to paper a sunroom rather than paint?

This is a south facing room, gets hot sun from may to september(UK ) but very cold and hardly used winter months. i've seen beautiful paper, colour and big bold flower which would i think look lovely. Advice please.

Would it be the done thing to paper a sunroom rather than paint?
i have that problem with son is going to put wood on the bottom tong and groove i think its called will paint it white then put this gorges lime paper i have seen on top part and i got a lime green door curtain with beads to match up. hope it will work as you say it gets cold and to much wallpaper doesn't can only try.
Reply:In my experience...paint will hold up to the weather conditions you are describing much better than wallpaper. The paper will fade much more quickly than paint and will also start to lift and peel from being exposed to the dramatic weather differences.

There are paints, on the other hand, that are designed to be weather and fade resistant.

Here's an idea...why not paint and then do some fun stenciling for added color and dimension. I know it's not wallpaper, but I think you'll save yourself a LOT of maintenance in the future.

Good Luck!

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Reply:The problem with paper is the effort to change if you don't like the look or want a different paper. With paint, making a change is so much easier. This is specially true if you have a lot of light exposure which can fade paper or paint.
Reply:Yes you can do it....And to stop the fading simply situate the furnishings in positions where they can block some of the stronger sunlight....
Reply:if you really want the wallpaper in your sunroom, make up some large frames with wood or cover old canvas's and put the wallpaper over these and use them to make a feature on the wall, then if it fades/or you get bored with it its easy to change! :)
Reply:I used this paper in my sunroom:

It's been there for over four years - no prob with fading.

Does anyone know how I can obtain information on making flowers out of crepe paper?

The pattern information I am looking for, consist of using the following materials: crepe paper, wire, elastic tape and ribbons.

Does anyone know how I can obtain information on making flowers out of crepe paper?
try they have a comprehensive website with patterns and so forth available to download, etc. hope this helped you!!

Here are a few.
Reply:Search the Web, or look for some books about origami.

Who knows how to do flowers out of paper?

if u do please give me the steps

Who knows how to do flowers out of paper?
Check this out :

flowers birthday

Where can I get flowers made of paper for a first wedding anniversary?

You can create some yourself by geting some tissue paper at a craft or party store and some pipe cleaners in green. I know that has explanations of how to do it. Also in the latest Matha's Weddings (or wedding flowers? I can't remember the name) magazine there is an explanation and pictures on how to do it. I know it's in the latest one because I looked at it in a Michaels store on the magazine rack towards the front of the store. Hope this helps, and have an excellent day!

Where can I get flowers made of paper for a first wedding anniversary?
draw'll be special. If not, at any hobby store...crafts store, etc..
Reply:at an art/craft store like michaels etc

I am doing a flower activity?

i am doing a flower activity where i print the flower out and have the children put colored tissue paper in the middle what flower should i use and how should i have the children do the tissue paper should i have them twist the paper and glue it in the middle or just glue colored paper in the middle or tear little pieces of the tissue paper

I am doing a flower activity?
It depends on the age of the kids. Tulips would be good to keep it kind of simple to cut out. You could ball the tissue up.
Reply:I think that twisting the paper turns out very cute but tried this with preschoolers once before and some just didnt have the coordination to do so. So, if I were you I would just show them how to twist it but let them decide how they want to do it.
Reply:You should give the children the choice to do whatever they want with the tissue paper, so provide tissue sizes to suit twisting, scrunching or laying flat. Children should tear their own pieces not have you do it for them. Would be good if you could also provide stencils of several different flower shapes so that they can choose the shape they prefer too, and then draw around the stencil. They will get some pencil control from the activity as well as more choice. Craft should show imagination and creativity - there is none for the child if you make all the decisions for them.
Reply:Daffodils would be bright and cheerful! I would show them how to do each process and let them choose how to glue them on...IE; twist, cut or tear or even decoupage. You're sure to have a beautiful bulletin board! : )
Reply:Just search cartoon flowers, then choose one that takes up a full page and has not too much design so they can put the tissue paper where wanted.
Reply:use a large daisy so they have plenty of room to create.

We have done twisting and we have also done putting the tissue paper on the end of your finger or pencil to make it stick up like 3D - they are both effective and cute.
Reply:I would use any flower or even let the children draw their own or trace it. Then I would sit at a table and have a few come at a time. Making my own tissue paper and having plenty of it for the children to tear to put on their flower. Talk about different ways to put the tissue on: flat, on top of pencil, twist it etc. Then do all the different ones on your flower so the children can see it doesn't matter, they can choose one style or several. Remember it is the process not the product. They are developing motor skills, sensory, and creativity. They are most proud of what they do!
Reply:What age are you working with? Remember with preschoolers...the process is more important than the product. More often than not...just putting the materials out is the best way to go. Let the children decide how it should be done.

A generic flower works well for this type of activity. Circle in the center and large petals around the outside. I suggest using qtips for glue or tap 'n' glue containers so that there isn't an accessive amount of will make the colors run. Tissue paper shouldn't be larger than an 1" square, especially for young children. Twisting the paper doesn't work well for young children but squishing it works okay. sounds like something the children can decide how to do...whether they want to glue the center or glue the pieces...young children work better with spreading the glue in the center first. Good luck!
Reply:Ideally the children should be involved in the production of the template or print: theres opportunity to name its parts they're functions, and show how they make up the whole flower. Never to early for science!Show the children how to use a ruler to rip strips of paper: young children appreciate learning new skills. At this point, invite the children's opinions on what to do next: opportunity to enrich their cognitive %26amp; language development. Remember, children's art is a gift from the child, their ideals are unique, their skill will grow with stimulating activities not REPRODUCING adult art.
Reply:you should use a sunflower because its easier and more pretty. preschoolers would love twisting the paper because its more fun and it will give them some happiness. i recommend this!